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PugsandFriends.com was started in 2010 by Meribeth Correll and her family.  Our passion and love for Pugs and all animals initiated our first Pug Dog fabric prints. As a direct descendant of HotDiggityDog.com, started in 1990,  PugsandFriends.com has come to be known as the go to place for Pug Gift Items.  Find your own favorite Pug fabric: Fawn Pug fabric, Black Pug Fabric, Puppy Pug Fabric.

Pug and Friends also offers other Pug fabric gift items including Pug Scrub Tops, Pug Handbags, Pug Totes, Pug Comforters, Pug Quilt Squares, Pug Linens and Pillowcases,  all Pug fabrics including poly/cotton blends, Pug fabric all cotton, Pug fleece.

Fabric printed with many animals including specific dog fabrics, cat fabrics, horse fabric, and exotic animals and  wildlife fabrics are available at www.hotdiggitydog.com.

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